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Rubber Cal Treadmill Mat review and discount

Rubber Cal Treadmill Mat

Rubber Cal Treadmill Mat description

Designed to withstand heavy treadmill machines and protect subsurface floors, Rubber-Cal's Treadmill Mat is the perfect exercise equipment mat for any home gym fitness floor. When treadmills are in use, they vibrate, sending shock waves into the floor that bounce back up into the equipment. This can harm your expensive treadmill machines over time. by using this sturdy recycled rubber mat, the impact from the treadmill is absorbed into the mat. by reducing the amount of collision with the floors, this product also acts a protector mat for subfloors. for residential fitness rooms, this will keep your wood, laminate or tile floors from getting scratched or damaged. The treadmill mat also reduces noise to ensure a quieter workout area. This product is created from recycled rubber tire crumbs that are molded together to form a resilient floor. Completely made in the US, this rubber equipment mat is sustainable and durable. Tires are meant to withstand weathering and abrasive environments, two properties that are inherited down to our treadmill mat. with a high content of EPDM from the tire crumb, this exercise equipment mat is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use due to its excellent UV and Ozone resistance qualities. This rubber equipment mat is available in a 3/16-inch thickness in two sizes: 4 ft. by 6.5 ft. and 4 ft. by 7.5 ft. This mat for treadmill machines is will cover the footprint of most home or commercial treadmills. This is the most durable and sturdy treadmill mat in the market today.
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Rubber Cal Treadmill Mat features

  • Treadmill mat is available in two sizes 48-inch x 6.5 feet and 48'' x 7.5 feet
  • We think this exercise equipment mat is so durable it may outlast your treadmill
  • 100-Percent recycled rubber mat that is durable and can withstand abrasive environments
  • Absorbs vibration to protect fitness equipment and home floors from damage and scratches
  • Protective floor mat that reduces noise and provides shock absorption, impact protection, and anti-slip

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